Impact Fund

What do we do?

  • We provide investment solutions to early stage initiatives in a number of sectors which are key in transitioning to a more sustainable society.

  • We offer investment solutions to transformatory early stage initiatives in various sectors that are scaling new heights in sustainability.  Thereby, doing our bit to create a more sustainable society

Our Investment Approach

Balancing financial and sector expertise

We provide investment solutions that enable investors to seamlessly invest in a number of sectors which play key roles in transitioning to a more sustainable society. We provide entrepreneurs and businesses with the capital, expertise and network that cuts across the diverse innovation ecosystems within the Nordics, EU and Asia.

Contributing to society

We are driven by our ambition to overcome global challenges through the conscious use of financial capital. This aims to equip entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers to realise some of our common goals- ending poverty, protecting our planet and ensuring holistic prosperity.

Targeting healthy financial returns

We invest with the intention to realise positive change, combined with a long-term healthy financial return. This idea is coupled with the notion that money is a means and not an end in itself. Therefore, we believe that focusing on both social and financial returns will result in an optimal allocation of capital, creating win-win situations for not just investors and investees but also our planet.

Currently Impact Fund has exposure in the following domains:

Grid Electrification

Electric Vehicles

Green Energy

Rural Microfinance

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