Elements Of Education Initiative

Why do we exist ?

We know from personal experience that Asia is flooded with misleading educational consultants. They are often known to target driven students from humble backgrounds to pay unreasonable amounts of money in exchange for acceptances from so-called foreign but sub-par universities. As a result, many deserving students land offers which fall significantly below their true potential. We at NAI are doing our bit to change this.

We also understand that applying to universities to pursue higher education (Diploma/Bachelors/Masters/MBA/PhD) is a truly challenging time for both students/ young professionals and their families. We have been there personally and were fortunate to have mentors who not only simplified this process but helped us make the right decisions.

What do we do?

  • Intensive one-one mentorship sessions

    with NAI advisors, mentors and the core team.

  • Letters of recommendation

    from established organisations and accomplished business leaders

  • End-to-end application assistance

    to renowned global universities

How do we add value?

Application handicapping

Assessing your application’s readiness by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses indicating how each may impact your choice of universities.

Personalised profiling

Highly customised guidance on improving specific parts of your profile. This covers all aspects from leadership to volunteering to extracurriculars.  This is done by considering the perspectives of the admissions committee keeping your unique profile in mind. This is to boost your chances of getting into the university you have hand-picked.

Who can make the most of this opportunity?

The ‘Elements of Educations Abroad Initiative’ is open to individuals who challenge norms and have a vision to reimagine tomorrow’s world by making a real-world impact to their communities.

Our fellows from the sustainability leadership programme have already demonstrated leadership and the ability to lead the change for their local communities. They will be given a direct entry into the ‘Elements of Educations Abroad Initiative’ .

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